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Luke and
A story of mysticism and faith.Yu Lan returns home  to see with her inner vision that she was destined to do battle against the evil sorcerers who had cursed the land. She can only accomplish her mission at the cost of great personal sacrifice and suffering.
A study of the two authors who  wrote histories in Greek in the first century  of this  era. The work explores some of the controversies and puzzles surrounding their works and the inter- relationships claimed to obtain between them.A new analysis of Josephus' chronology is included.
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by Noel Schutz & Judy K. L. Wu

    by Don Green & Noel Schutz

An odd seer proclaims  that an outcast maiden named Elandriel will save the land from Makir, the Demon Master. She is joined in her battles by a motley band of companions as her mystic powers unfold until at last she is consecrated in her mission by the blessings of Queen Ethyriel in the legendary Land of Idannu. In this work familiar fantasy themes serve to reveal more profound mystical and spiritual truths that give meaning to her suffering and sacrifice.

A compiliaon of Shawnee personages who lived in the  1700 and 1800s. Information includes genetic relationships (parents, siblings, spouses, children and more), their presence in historical events and their participation in treaties. A must for the historical and genealogical study of the Shawnee Nation. An introduction explains the Shawnee system of naming and the unique Shawnee social structure. The entries Include meanings and analysis of many Shawnee names.

LUKE AND JOSEPHUS. Luke and Josephus were the only two notable historians in the first century of the current era who wrote in Greek. Despite very different perspectives, they both noted events in the Near East that Roman historians showed little interest in and the similarities and differences between the accounts of Luke and Josephus concerning several events have led to controversy. This  work looks at the positive contributions of both works and the controversies involved, as well as a critical review of each work. Contributions include solving Josephus' chronological system and a discussion of the dating of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.
    by Judy K. L. Wu
A story of mysticism and faith in a small native village. Yu Lan Jei looks out her window in sorrow for she had found the villagers greatly changed during her years abroad. She finds that a cabal of sorcerers have captured the minds and souls of the people. Using her God-given mystic powers, Yu Lan must battle the unseem wicked spirits that empower the sorcers to reclaim the land and souls of the people.